Work package numberWP1Lead BeneficiaryToulouse III – Paul Sabatier University (UT3)
TitleManagement and Coordination  
Start Month1 (Feb 2020)End Month48 (Jan 2024)


The objective of WP1 is to ensure a high quality of the INSA project through the management and coordination of the work and secondments to be carried out. It will ensure the quality of deliverables, and that major milestones are met. The WP1 will oversee administrative, legal and financial aspects of the project. It will promote stakeholder engagement and secure involvement of participating organizations. It involves the management of risks by the project’s Steering Committee.

The specific objectives of this WP are:

  • Organization of scientific meetings (virtual and face-to-face) within the consortium and advisory meetings involving the Steering Committee and the Stakeholders Advisory board.
  • Management of administrative, legal and financial issues of the project.
  • Ensuring the technical coordination of the project and secondments with respect to reaching the research objectives of the work plan in time.
  • Respecting EU reporting requirements in terms of deliverables and milestones, continous and periodic reporting.
  • Identification and mitigation of critical risks and their evolutions during the project lifetime.

Description of work and role of partners

Task 1.1: Coordination and project management (Lead: Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier University)

The Project Coordinator supported by the Project Manager will:

  • Ensure the interface with the European Commission (EC) by managing the communication with the project officer (such as general queries and amendments) and reporting project progress and status to EC.
  • Establish the communication inside the consortium between teams involved in Europe and Africa, and the different WPs.
  • Lead and coordinate the project organization in accordance with the contractual requirements of the Grant Agreement and ensure fulfillment of these requirements.
  • Monitor the compliance of participating organizations with their obligations under the Grant Agreement.

Task 1.2 : Financial management of EU funding

This includes the following subtasks:

  • Administration of the EC financial contribution regarding its allocation between participating organizations, activities and secondments, in accordance with the Grant Agreement and the decisions taken by the consortium. It shall be ensured that all the appropriate payments are made to the other participating organizations without unjustified delay.
  • Keeping the records and financial accounts making it possible to determine at any time what portion of the EC financial contribution has been paid to each participating organization for the purpose of the project.
  • Informing the EC of the distribution of the financial contribution and the date of transfers to the participating organizations, when required by the Grant Agreement or by the EC.

Task 1.3: Meetings organization

This task includes the organization of:

  • A kick-off meeting to establish the means for continuous monitoring of progress, achievements, secondments and risks as well of monitoring and dealing efficiently with technical and financial aspects.
  • A mid-term meeting in Europe to follow progress made in the first phase of the project (planned between month 14 and 18)
  • Participating organization meetings all along the project duration (twice a year) to ensure the smooth running and progress of project activities. These meeting will act as self-assessments and internal reviews. Every work package leader will present a progress report and short-term future plans at each meeting. Upcoming milestones and deliverables will be reviewed.
  • Stakeholders Advisory board meetings (that will be held after consortium meetings). These meetings will ensure that the INSA project meets the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and policy makers.
  • A final project meeting will allow a synthesis of the project outputs and outcomes.

Description of deliverables

D1.1 : Progress report at the end of first year of the project (month 13, Feb 2021)

D1.2 : Mid-term meeting. This meeting will be organized in parallel with workshop 1 at the Félix-Houphouët-Boigny University, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to review progress made and ensure the smooth running of research activities and of the implementation of the project. It will include the steering committee, the project management team and the REA project officer (between April & Sept. 2021)

D1.3 : Progress report 2 (month 37, Feb 2023)