Science Café in Nairobi

In October 2023, the INSA coordination team together with colleagues from the Kenyan Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation participated in a Science Café about nitrogen at Alliance Française. The Science Café offered an oppportunity to raise the general public’s awareness about the nitrogen cycle and the important role nitrogen plays in our lives, as well the negative impact that too much nitrogen is having on the environment and our health.

The event was held in coordination with the 2nd INSA workshop, which took place from the 6 -11 November 2023 in Nairobi and Wundanyi, Kenya.

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International Actris 2024 Science Conference

INSA was well represented at the recent International Actris Science conference which took place from May 13 – 16 in Rennes, France. ACTRIS is a pan-European research infrastructure producing high-quality data and information on short-lived atmospheric constituents, as well as on the processes that lead to variability of these constituents in both natural and controlled […]

Second INSA workshop in Kenya

The second INSA workshop, held in Nairobi and Wundanyi, Kenya, in November 2023, focused on hydrological and gaseous fluxes of nitrogen in different systems in Africa. It brought together more than 35 people, including representatives of the INSA consortium, researchers, lecturers and students from Kenyan and other African and European universities, as well as stakeholders […]

APDOC take their school program to Kenya!

After a first trip to the Ivory Coast in 2022, the organisation Les Petit.e.s Débrouillard.e.s d’Occitanie (APDOC) returned to the African continent in September 2023. However, this time, Étienne and Zoé, their two facilitators, flew to Kenya where they stayed for 2 months!   This trip was part of the INSA (Integrated Nitrogen Studies in […]